Decus Interiors celebrates beautiful design in all its manifestations. As purveyors of the original and unexpected, each Decus project is informed by a philosophy that interiors can significantly and positively impact our everyday lives. Our work seeks to constantly balance the exquisite and provocative, whimsical and classic, austere and colourful.

We believe that each design process is unique, and draws on all facets of la dolce vita – art, fashion, graphics and architecture – to design homes that inspire, nurture and challenge the status quo.

Our award-winning team plays multiple roles in the design and execution of creative, considered homes. We offer a wealth of experience in design and decoration services, architecture, project management and procurement.


Before she made her way to Decus, Millie spent her early career looking to find her creative pathway. Starting out in television production, Millie graduated with a degree that turned out to be far more technical than artistic. Further study in short film-making was the segue she needs to start her creative career.