About Us

SEMCO is a name associated with credibility, sustainability and market intelligence. We have been serving in critical sectors such as Railways, Industrial Manufacturing, Defence & Law Enforcement and Engineering Products for more than 2 decades. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities & infrastructure and end-to-end capability in industrial trading, the group has an annual turnover of around INR 150 Mn.

With a combined synergy formed through a JV with CRRC Datong, China, Semco has been recognized as the largest Railway Wheel-sets & Axle Provider in India, holding up to 75% of the Indian market share.

Our manufacturing capability allows us to tap a major market in sectors of Automotive, Non-Automotive, Agriculture & Material Handling.

Owing to the immense experience & combined synergy with world leaders, Semco also acts as an advisory in compliance of all applicable licensing and pre & post-sales of defense & other law-enforcement equipment in India, US & other countries. It even manufactures & supplies typical forged parts to Defense establishments.